Online lottery sales in 2015

Previously we brought you the statistics representing online lottery sales in 2014. Now we have the numbers of how lotteries have performed in 2015.
Global lottery sales slowed down in the first 9 months until September 2015. Global growth up by 2.5% (2015) as compared to 5% in 2014.
Let’s have a look at the performance of digital lotteries in 2015.

Latin America: Once again, this continent has shown swift growth, leaving other continents behind in terms of online lottery sales.
 Increase in sales                                        Key lotteries
 19.2%                              LoterĂ­a Nacional Sociedad del Estado, Polla Chilena.

North America: North America enjoyed a substantial growth. The standout performer was California Lottery with the growth of 15.6%.

 Increase in sales                                     Key lotteries
 7.6%                                California Lottery, Ontario Lottery.

Africa: Africa reported moderate and steady growth.  Ghana’s National Lottery Authority’s sales increased by 25%.

 Increase in sales                                    Key lotteries
 3.6%                                 National Lottery Authority, La Marocaine des Jeux

Europe: Sales was steady across Europe and saw a marginal gain of 0.6%. Several other lotteries managed double-digit growth. Czech Republic’s SAZKA enjoyed the growth of 25% alone.

 Increase in sales                                    Key Lotteries
 0.6%                                SAZKA, Poland’s Totalizator Sportowy

Asia-Pacific: In this particular continent sales declined marginally by 0.3%. China Sports lottery reported a record decrease in sales by 4.7%.
 Decrease in sales                                     Key lotteries
 -0.3%                                Guess Lottery (sports betting), Lotterywest

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Source: WLA