Growth in online lottery sales

Online lottery sales have gone up by 5% in the year 2014. Precisely indicating that online lottery is potent and effective enough to replace paper-based lotteries. This presents an opportunity to grow the lottery.
Let’s check out how well digital lotteries have performed in several continents - 
Latin America: The Latin American market had shown significant growth in the digital lottery sector and is the leading continent in terms of growth. Distinguish benefits and features of your lottery vis-à-vis your competitors. 

   Increase in sales              Key countries   
   23.2% (2014)                   Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Asia-Pacific: It is also one of the strongest performers in the digital lottery segment after Latin America.

   Increase in sales              Key countries
   15.6% (2014)                   China, Japan and Australia.

Europe: This continent is escalating slowly but has seen steady growth in the market. Countries from Eastern and Central Europe fared well.

   Increase in sales              Key countries
   5.1% (2014)                     Eastern and Central Europe.

Africa: It saw one of the modest gains in 2014 but promises to offer much more in the following year 2015.

   Increase in sales              Key countries
   3.8% (2014)                     Ghana, Morocco, South Africa.

North America: This continent has shown consistency. The best full-year growth recorded by the U.S since 2010.

   Increase in sales              Key Countries
   0.4% (2014)                     U.S.A and Canada.

Global Sales: The rapid growth of industry continues and has affected in a positive note globally. The year 2013 saw “4.9%” growth globally and the year 2014 faced “9.9%” growth globally, driving up sales by 6% margin.

The year 2015 has lot to promise and is to be considered to surpass the growth achieved in previous years, once we get the stats.
LocusPlay is also proudly contributing to drive up the sales with our dynamic and sophisticated digital lottery technology.  With the continuous help from your side we hope to set a new benchmark and keep driving sales of your lottery.

Source: WLA