Mobile lottery takes over and bags in, the online lottery and betting shares too…

Mobile lottery and betting are ushering a new way with benefits of it now being an on-the-go experience.  Back before any concept of mobility was firmly entrenched in the Internet era, lottery playing and betting were often done either through lottery outlets or online, the latter of which meant using computers.  The closest thing to the mobile lottery was done through computers/laptops, something that no longer seems handy these days.

The arrival of Smartphone and Tablets is largely responsible for the shift in mobile lottery and betting.  Talk about ease and comfort, the very idea of being able to place a small bet or a big million dollar lotto has never been easier now that anybody can do it on a device that can easily fit in their pockets.  That’s the biggest reason why mobile lottery and betting have exploded in the recent years.  Access is the currency these days as Smartphone and Tablets offer the practicality of allowing this access to anybody wherever they are in the world with a stable Internet connection is the real selling point of mobile lottery and betting.

Online Lottery and its impact on conventional lottery business

Then - 

Remember those days when the Nepal based Play win lottery/Play win lotto draws being telecast live on TV.  The biggest lottery draws that changed someone’s life every evening and it did give a huge blow to the conventional state lottery.

We’ve come a long way in such a short period of time (10 years) since the invention of television in 1927.  We have seen an explosion of new technology, which allowed us to leave the mechanical age and entered into the age of technology.

During the next 10 years, many Internet lottery betting platform opened up, which meant we could play from home, office and wherever we wanted to play from.