Gambling in Uganda

The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. Consisting of population over 35 million (2015).  Gambling is under regulated in the country.

Gambling in Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago country. The 115 island country whose capital is Victoria. Seychelles has the smallest population of any independent African state, with a population of roughly 93,000.

Gambling in Rwanda

Rwanda is a Central East African country, where gambling is going through ups and downs. Rwanda put a ban on malfunctioned slot machines in July 2016 due to unethical practices, but it did not make any difference to casinos, lotteries and sports betting, dealing fairly in the country.

Louisiana Lottery achieves record sales

Louisiana Lottery overtakes its record in the first full fiscal year, which generated estimated revenue of $508.3 million. Louisiana Lottery broke the record after 23 years, when they generated $494.7 million back in 1993.