Online lottery sales in 2015

Previously we brought you the statistics representing online lottery sales in 2014. Now we have the numbers of how lotteries have performed in 2015.
Global lottery sales slowed down in the first 9 months until September 2015. Global growth up by 2.5% (2015) as compared to 5% in 2014.

Managing your players in lottery

To manage the players one has to consider the gratitude towards the player, quality of service provided and a good relationship with a focus on creating loyalty towards the business.

Let me give you a bigger picture of how do you manage your players. 

Growth in online lottery sales

Online lottery sales have gone up by 5% in the year 2014. Precisely indicating that online lottery is potent and effective enough to replace paper-based lotteries. This presents an opportunity to grow the lottery.
Let’s check out how well digital lotteries have performed in several continents -