Managing your players in lottery

To manage the players one has to consider the gratitude towards the player, quality of service provided and a good relationship with a focus on creating loyalty towards the business.

Let me give you a bigger picture of how do you manage your players. 

Acquisition: In order to acquire players you need to put commendable effort in marketing your lottery. The lottery operators have to come up with few irresistible offers.

Service: Build an effective database after you have acquired the players. Track your players, know the likes and dislikes of the games they play. If possible modify your games according to your player’s preferences. Ensure your lottery is transparent and provides a scam free service because no one likes to be cheated.

Retention: Holding on to the existing players is going to give your lottery a significant boost. If an existing player is convinced then he may share his experiences with others and could fetch you a new player. In order to retain players, provide them a special advantage over your competitors. It could be better service, reward, loyalty points etc.

Feedback: Make sure you take feedback from your players, doesn’t matter if its on a positive note or a complaint. It is going to improve your lottery. Do respond to the players, players must feel there is someone to hear them and sort out the issues. Under this process you might figure out flaws in your lottery and fix it.

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