Benefits of branding in lottery business

Branding is a part of marketing. Brand basically communicates to the customer, emulates the value of your company, plays a crucial role in wide reach of your customers and above all helps you penetrate the market swiftly.
Now let me put a highlight how branding can turnaround your lottery business:

When should you launch Mobile Lottery?

MOBILE LOTTERY…… it seems everyone thinks they can have one.  Let me clarify in the beginning itself that this is not a promotion article, but my sincere efforts to make you aware about the realities of Mobile Lottery in the emerging markets.

LocusPlay - The best lottery technology platform

Digital lottery is booming and growing into a sustainable business opportunity especially in the emerging countries.  Digital lottery makes lottery operations simple to understand, easy to access, convenient to players and above all more effective.

Tips to earn loyal players in lottery industry

Loyal consumers are to be earned.  The lottery players can either make or break the business.  One just cannot start a lottery and make money overnight.  Lottery’s first and foremost priority is to attract players and turn them loyal.  Few simple gestures and gratitude can pull the trick for you to earn loyal players.

Best practices of cash flow in lotteries

Cash flow is the net amount of cash and cash equivalents moving into and out of a business.

Positive cash flow represents that a company’s liquid assets are increasing, enabling to settle the debts and reinvest in the business.

Importance of demographic and cultural study during lotto game design

Importance of demographic and cultural study during lottery set up Demography is the statistical study of population.  It covers criteria such as education, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, income, lifestyle etc.  Culture is something which includes knowledge, belief, art, custom, morals, law and any other capabilities adopted via society which depicts your background and interests.

How popularity of mobile money is helping SMS & USSD based lottery?

Mobile has become the spine of our respective lives.  It is difficult to swap or exchange places without tagging the cell phone along with you. 

The importance and popularity of mobile are still increasing rapidly with the ever-growing technology and usage of it.  When it comes to lottery industry mobile has penetrated its own way with the services like SMS & USSD.  

Why expertise matters while planning a lottery start up?

The term “Expert” itself means “An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study”.  For some lottery might exist for an entertainment purpose with some Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) but simultaneously it isn’t just for an entertainment purpose for the lottery firm entrepreneurs,  

Lottery scams and awareness

When it comes to scamming and conning, sometimes the winner has to lose whereas occasionally out of nothing the winner has been made up or scripted.  A lottery scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification, phone call, or mailing (sometimes including a large check) explaining that "You have won!" a large sum of money in a lottery. 

Educating lottery players about online offerings

Knowledge is Wisdom.  Getting acknowledged of anything is a part and parcel of our lives and it also adds up something to the inventory of our Dictionary through our experiences or through learning and getting educated.  We have traveled beyond our planet and have already set our sights on Moon, Mars and other planets meanwhile somewhere there are some lottery firms have stuck with conventional lottery system that is paper-based lottery system which has more cons akin to pros.

Benefits of having a strong CRM for any lottery business

CRM can mean many things to different businesses, but for an online lottery business, it means optimum business returns! Anybody with a little computer knowledge could answer – What is CRM or Customer Reputation Management, but most often fail to convey what it does for your business.  So, here is everything you need to know about CRM and its benefits.

Why do lotteries fail?

During a casual discussion with a friend of mine a few years ago, I mentioned about a lottery company that just went out of business.  This was a big surprise to him who is not from the industry, as his perception was that the lottery is a de-facto money making machine.  I was baffled by his surprise at then, but after spending a few more years in the industry I realized that this is a common perception that exists among the mass. 

Lottery draw day event and hosting tips

We are all aware of lottery draw day event and it is a day when the winning lottery number is declared.  It is a pen ultimatum day for the lottery holders and a bit uncanny as well, they buy lottery tickets very prudently and hoping for the best with their fingers crossed.  The lottery firms decide the exact date of draw day event, venue and schedule depending upon the variety of lottery games available.

Lottery Statistics and Group Playing

Is it possible to improve your probability to win a lottery? Or is it just purely based on luck and fluke?? Do maths and statistics play a pivotal role in it? Let’s understand the uncertainty.

Why do players love instant mobile lottery games?

Dwelling on the scratch-off games…

What makes instant lottery games popular and loved by a set of customers? When did these lucky instant games evolve and why do you think people love the instant games?

Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Lottery Business

Are you a person of luck? Learn how to create your fortune..! 

Did you ever think if you were factual in opting the lottery business? Are you eager to decode the secrets of how to promote your lottery business? Find your answer right here. 

Social media and lottery business:

What are the ways to tell people that you run a lottery business and how to lure their attention? Social media is the best way to which you can promote your business.  If you ever wanted a pocket-friendly way of promotion with the ultimate reach and response, then, social media gives you various choices of giveaways, sweepstakes, and competitions to promote your lottery business.  The whole idea of promotion through a social medium like Facebook is to build events that would gather all likeminded people at one place for a contest.

Characteristics of a good lottery game or type

How do you know if the fortune game is right?
Do you believe in luck and the games of luck? Did you always want to know if the game is good in all ways? So, here it is….

Before you know the characteristics of a good lotto, it is essential that you know the types.  The types of lottery games include lotto, little lotto, dailies, multi-channel games, quick picks and scratch offs.  Depending on the purpose, lottery can be of the charity type and the normal type.  Know your kind of lottery game before you start seeing yourself as a player.  Know that lottery is always a question of luck hidden behind logic and design.

The unclaimed lottery prizes around the world!

Almost everyone in the world has at least once in a lifetime dream of winning a huge amount in the lottery.  Why not, it is one of the most convenient and exciting ways to make money.  But in contrast to the big green dream is the amazing yet true fact that there are stacks of lottery winnings that just remain unclaimed.    

How to win the lottery more often as part of a Lottery Syndicate

Playing lottery in a syndicate not only gives the player to enjoy the game in a group, but it also improves their chances of winning.  All they have to do is choose the syndicate wisely.  Lottery syndicate gives you the opportunity to play together and win together.

Guide on how to avoid lottery scams

With an increase in online and mobile gaming platforms, there is also a hike in the scams that have been deceiving people of the internet.  Of late, there have been a lot of fraudulent parties attempting to deceive Internet users, by making them believe that they’ve won a lottery.  Scammers are hunting for the sensitive personal information of the players such as their name, the address of the player, contact number and bank account information. 

Why lottery must consider mobile ready games?

Online gaming has been taking giant strides with significant progress in the last few years, and today, with the increase in the craze for mobile phones and given the fact that mobile phone games have become much popular, users find themselves staring at the bright screen that shows them quite a lot of gaming options to choose from on mobile devices.  Another most interesting aspect is that with the advancement of mobile technology, number of gaming companies are now targeting on developing mobile-ready versions of their highly addictive poker and casinos websites.  However, gaming companies have been gaining the attention of their customers by going ahead and offering to play the lottery on the user’s smartphone or tablet. 

Spine of lottery operation - A robust back office system

Lottery industry is the most unpredictable yet most fascinating industry and the fact is surely undeniable.  The industry has more pressure on the lottery operators than on the lottery players, for the operators face numerous challenges in the wake of having their businesses run smoothly.

SMS/Text based lottery is a real big deal!

With the mobile technology moving ahead of reach, the possibilities it offers also are beyond any other ordinary services.  Mobile technology has made life pretty easy. Right from a simple email to transferring money, mobiles have made it to the top notch.   

Online Lottery and Market Response

Invigorate Your Technology Dependence and the Rest Follows….

The Internet arena has always been a hope for a better tomorrow.  Especially, when it comes to lottery industry, the opportunities to innovate are simply mushrooming.  Since the geek-slow-dialup Internet in the 90’s, the progress towards the 2k’s has been really immense and awe-inspiring.

Play Your Way To Profits With Trust

With many enthusiastic entrepreneurs entering the lottery business and the advent of online lottery activities happening in full swing, going an extra mile becomes certainly inevitable to survive.  And for startups, it is certainly going to be challenges of sorts to cope up.  While legal regulations, location, and other aspects form the cornerstones, another important aspect for the startups is to gain the trust.

Paper Lottery VS Digital Lottery

Those were the days when paper lottery ruled the world and intrigued many in various parts of the world.  Thanks to internet and globalization; lottery businesses mushroomed in the cyberspace like never before intriguing much more worldwide.

Make It Big Online, Lottery Operators

Lottery- its history dates back to hundreds of years in various forms across the globe.  And, the lottery has traveled with time and emerged as one of the popular modes of legal gambling with prospective rewards.