Benefits of having a strong CRM for any lottery business

CRM can mean many things to different businesses, but for an online lottery business, it means optimum business returns! Anybody with a little computer knowledge could answer – What is CRM or Customer Reputation Management, but most often fail to convey what it does for your business.  So, here is everything you need to know about CRM and its benefits.

Why do lotteries fail?

During a casual discussion with a friend of mine a few years ago, I mentioned about a lottery company that just went out of business.  This was a big surprise to him who is not from the industry, as his perception was that the lottery is a de-facto money making machine.  I was baffled by his surprise at then, but after spending a few more years in the industry I realized that this is a common perception that exists among the mass. 

Lottery draw day event and hosting tips

We are all aware of lottery draw day event and it is a day when the winning lottery number is declared.  It is a pen ultimatum day for the lottery holders and a bit uncanny as well, they buy lottery tickets very prudently and hoping for the best with their fingers crossed.  The lottery firms decide the exact date of draw day event, venue and schedule depending upon the variety of lottery games available.

Lottery Statistics and Group Playing

Is it possible to improve your probability to win a lottery? Or is it just purely based on luck and fluke?? Do maths and statistics play a pivotal role in it? Let’s understand the uncertainty.