How to promote lotteries digitally?

Previously, we wrote a piece about “How digital marketing can help lotteries?" and received a handful of positive responses. So, we decided to write and give away few tips on how to utilize the digital platform to promote the lottery.

Kansas Lottery transfers back highest amount to the state

The Kansas Lottery has set a new benchmark in the fiscal year 2016, for the amount of money they generated and transferred back to the state of Kansas.  Including $78.2 million only from traditional lottery games.

Africa’s Journey From Paper-Based To Digital Lottery

When we hear the word “AFRICA”, immediately a lot of questions start popping up on our minds, especially when talking about doing business in Africa.

Lotteries in the emerging countries have encountered a lot of issues, including poor connectivity, a conventional way of selling lotteries etc.  These are the barriers to leverage best results out of it.  Lotteries contribute significantly to the economy in the emerging nations.  It also creates huge amount of employment opportunities, which support thousands of families.