The main worries about going digital and how LocusPlay can help!

In recent years, many of our favorite things have gone almost entirely digital: books, cable television, music, photography and social networks just to name a few.  We at LocusPlay believe that digital lotteries are the next big thing, and with our advanced platform, we can make this a reality.  However, we recognize that cautious lotteries and their management may have many concerns regarding converting from paper-based to digital lotteries, which is what we are going to address in this article.

Why Go Digital? - Future of Lotteries

Over the past few years, digital products of all kinds have rapidly entered the market. Lotteries should be no exception to this trend.  As countries all over the world get better wireless connections and 3G data access, customers with cell phones will look for a quicker, easier way to play lottery games.
Wireless connection in the emerging world has also rapidly expanded.  Rapid technological developments for an otherwise young industry mean that improvements will be constant.