LocusPlay Mobile Lottery Platform

The lottery industry has moved from traditional to digital technology. LocusPlay Mobile Lottery platform has changed the face of a number of lotteries in the emerging nations through various innovations. A player could play without Internet connectivity and even on the basic mobile phone with the help of LocusPlay.

Czech Republic open to new online gambling market

The Czech Republic is on the verge to authorize the license to international lottery operators after a new legislation passed.

On May 27, 2016, the Czech Senate gave green light to embrace the new online gambling market. The bill suggests lifting the ban on the prohibition of non-Czech operators obtaining the online gambling licenses. The whole country has left with mere five licensed gambling operators.

Why do lotteries favor LocusPlay?

LocusPlay is one of the best lottery technology platforms available in the industry today, especially for the emerging countries. We help majorly in all the aspects of the lottery; let it be market research, business strategy, marketing etc.