SMS Betting - How far does it reach and what are the potentials?

The game of lottery has reached almost every hand now with mobile is becoming ubiquitous, and SMS (also known as a text message) is available on every mobile phone.  SMS betting enables everyone to play lottery right on their mobile just by sending a text message.  Gone are the days when the players had to walk all the way up to the lottery store to get their tickets.  The latest trend in the lottery industry is betting on the mobile devices.  The lottery industry witnessed an explosive growth with a whole new set of customers who are mobile users and willing to play the lottery but don’t like to walk the mile towards a lottery retail outlet.  Mobile betting is the second most popular form of remote gambling in the UK according to the gambling commission of UK.

A primer for Lottery startup

Lottery is probably the oldest form of raising money for good causes. The Great Wall of China is probably the oldest known project financed by the lottery profits.  Lottery business involves many moving parts like any other business, but there are a few learnings specific to the lottery industry.  However, the foremost difference is that almost all the lotteries have a good cause to fulfill from the profit, that is used for the betterment of people.  The leading example is UK health lottery’s significant contribution to the local health-related causes.

Mobile POS and Going Plastic

Investment in mobile POS

It is expected that 17-20% of total retail sales will be using a mobile device by 2016.  Retailers across multiple industries and businesses both large and small were included in these estimates.  With or without data, it makes sense – nowadays even one-of-a-kind businesses such as food trucks increasingly accept credit and debit cards.