Massachusetts lottery unlikely to go online in 2017

Massachusetts was considered to be a leading candidate to be a part of states where online gambling is regulated.  The state has to wait another year for online gambling to come into action.

Based on the recent statement by Massachusetts Senate, President Stan Rosenberg looks like they have to wait until 2018 “Online lottery and online gaming are both issues that are being reviewed now to try to figure out how we manage the situation so we don’t hurt the lottery and in the case of online gaming, that we don’t hurt the casino industry, we are building in Massachusetts.”
He expects the research to be completed on an online lottery and online gaming by the end of this year.  However, he expects to regulate next year.  He said, “We could potentially act next year, potentially.”
Stan Rosenberg’s peers who were in the favor of online lottery were not happy with the decision.  One of the online gambling proponents State Treasurer, Deb Goldberg said “My feeling is we have an opportunity, and sometimes it takes others longer to figure out what that opportunity is, I just hope that opportunity doesn’t get blocked and we are boxed out by other competition and I think that’s the issue.”
Lottery Commissioner Anthony Salvidio was straightforward saying “What is it going to take for legislators to realize this, a complete collapse of the revenue of the lottery before they get on this?” he asked.
One of the reasons online gambling is being reviewed is to understand if it is going to make any difference on sales in retail stores.  If the online gambling is regulated, will the players step out of their place and buy tickets from the retail outlets?
One thing they have to understand is that online sales are not a replacement for traditional lottery retailers.  Rather, it would be a modernization, a way to ensure the lottery continues to thrive as player behaviors evolve.  There remains no credible evidence of online gambling having a negative impact on brick-and-mortar gaming.
The competition is already at the peak in the gambling industry.  The states where online gambling is regulated are already expanding and reaping profit out of it.  It is imperative for Massachusetts to take a decision on online gaming sooner than the later.
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