Online Lottery - Digital Payment Not Required

Play Online lottery – no need to use digital payment mode
In recent years iGaming and lottery kingdom has witnessed an ebullient move in integrated technology related to an online gaming experience.  The community engrossed in technology is working on affiliating multiple online and mobile betting software with a better and easy mode of transactions.

The challenge - There was no payment mode except for the use of plastic cards or internet banking/money transfer gateways for an online lottery player.  Majority of the lottery players in emerging market do not have digital payment facilities but are more inclined to play the online lottery and mobile lottery including SMS betting.

The Need- For an easy pay option that was aligned with the playing style of an individual player that gave him the power to plan his play trends, keep check of his spending on lottery yet gave him higher solace managing his fund allocation and buying decisions.

Innovation- LocusPlay invests an enormous amount of time and efforts in identifying the hidden needs of online lottery players.  As a result of one such studies on the lottery in emerging markets, we identified the need of the hour.  This gave birth to one of the lottery industry’s most powerful and innovative solutions, a sophisticated lottery banking system, that assists the online lottery player to plan and manage his lottery indulgence unrestrained by eliminating digital banking mode or plastic card process hence, green revolution in online lottery on a lighter note.

The online lottery banking system offers players a phenomenal lottery playing experience, now that the payment and transaction are within a single console and need nothing but a pre-deposited sum into the personal lottery account obtained from the lottery terminal that takes care of the lottery transactions depending on the playing trend.  The system is extraordinarily fast, delivering information about transaction activities, existing funds in the player's account, refill options from other accounts and also liquidating the lottery deposits if the need arises.  Most importantly, the transactions performed through the entire process are highly secured.

LocusPlay has incorporated in it the structure for innovative analytic such as retailer profile, that helps to track the lottery agent/retailer/ mobile lottery terminal and user behavior before and after the player’s account is established and tickets are sold.  This proactively eliminates any suspicious pattern of activity.
On-line lottery bank is built on a futuristic delivery model and is a practical approach to look into the issues faced in the emerging markets that eventually offer better customer service and more barriers to potential fraud. Refer

Who can benefit the most?

  • Lottery players - for assured indulgence and unhindered lottery playing experience.  Elimination of account phishing and fraudulent practices as the financial banking services are let alone.  A lottery player can keep a check on his spending on the lottery; can curtail the possibilities of bankruptcy.

  • Lottery Operators - for an increase in buying pattern, the system ensures the player's loyalty for enhancing online lottery buying experience, the player’s deposits can help the lottery enterprise to determine and forecast the sales progress.  The deposited lottery money in a player’s account is an assurance in disguise to the lottery agent.