How to promote lotteries digitally?

Previously, we wrote a piece about “How digital marketing can help lotteries?" and received a handful of positive responses. So, we decided to write and give away few tips on how to utilize the digital platform to promote the lottery.

There are tons of ways to promote the lottery but one of the effective ways is to go digital and reach the maximum number of target audience. Here are some informative ideas to promote lotteries online.

Livestream:  The new-age technology gives you an opportunity to play videos live on social media platforms like Facebook. Also on world’s largest video sharing website called YouTube. You could live stream videos displaying draw day events, campaigns, offers etc. Streaming the videos on these platforms would bring a lot of potential players to the lottery.

Demo Videos: Design or shoot a video demonstrating how do you operate lottery, showcase an example through video, provide useful insight to the existing and potential players to expand your sales.  Also, try to convey what’s new in your lottery and how it is distinguished from your competitors.

Lottery Updates: Players should be kept abreast of the updates in lottery like a launch of new games, new channel etc. Build an effective database of the players so that important communications are sent to them at regular intervals.

Website Trend: In case you own a website ensure that you keep it clean and simple. It should be quite easy to go through especially for unique visitors. Make sure website’s home page is catchy enough to hold the players and call-to-actions are placed strategically.

The homepage should be a combination of content, banners, and videos. Test the website, how easily it could run on different platforms like mobile, desktop, tablets etc. We recommend you to test on Google’s recently released tool testmysite.

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