Africa’s Journey From Paper-Based To Digital Lottery

When we hear the word “AFRICA”, immediately a lot of questions start popping up on our minds, especially when talking about doing business in Africa.

Lotteries in the emerging countries have encountered a lot of issues, including poor connectivity, a conventional way of selling lotteries etc.  These are the barriers to leverage best results out of it.  Lotteries contribute significantly to the economy in the emerging nations.  It also creates huge amount of employment opportunities, which support thousands of families.
Let me showcase some of the facts why Africa is one of the best continents in terms of establishing a mobile lottery.
  • A recent study reveals that Nigeria’s Internet value chain is getting close to $5.8 trillion.  There has been research, showing more than 25% of Africa’s population of 1 billion is engaged in mobile and Internet-based transactions.
  • Nigerians making for a large share of the total number.  It is said that by 2018 the mobile betting market in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria would reach whopping $37 billion.
  • Africa’s mobile subscription rate is now over 70% and rapidly growing.  The popularity of cheaper prepaid services, which in some markets account for up to 98% of all mobile subscribers.  A steady fall in tariffs has meant that an increasing proportion of the population can both access and afford a mobile phone.
Lotteries across 3 continents are already using LocusPlay mobile lottery platform.  Customers from emerging market have experienced 4X growth in lottery sales.  50% of our customers switched from their existing technology providers to LocusPlay.  We are honored with the amount of trust customers have put in LocusPlay.  With over 100 million tickets sold using LocusPlay with up to 80% savings in capital investment. 

Rahuldev Rajguru, CEO LocusPlay conducted a case study on how lotteries are operated in the African continent and the potential it holds.  How LocusPlay can help lotteries go digital and change the face of lotteries in these nations?
In this video, he gives us a brief insight into how LocusPlay mobile lottery platform brought the difference to the lotteries in the emerging nations.

How I Converted Africa's Paper Lottery to Mobile and Lived to Tell About It -