Why do lotteries favor LocusPlay?

LocusPlay is one of the best lottery technology platforms available in the industry today, especially for the emerging countries. We help majorly in all the aspects of the lottery; let it be market research, business strategy, marketing etc.

LocusPlay provides lottery operators and distributors appropriate tools, which helps maximize the sale of tickets and effectively manage the business.

Let’s understand the parameters of how LocusPlay is helping lotteries globally?

Lottery expertise: We have experts working in the lottery industry with few decades of experience. Our experts would help you establish lottery according to the best fit and demand in your region. Our experts have solid experience of successfully setting up lotteries in different geographies across the world. Our experts understand the importance of demographic and cultural aspects.

Our CEO, Rahuldev Rajguru, having traveled to 3 continents, is pretty much hands-on in understanding and setting up the lottery especially in the emerging nations. His insights on new lotteries and on-the-ground experience have been proven vital to many lotteries.

Continuous improvement: We go by the Kaizen rule, challenging ourselves to improvise on daily basis both externally and internally.  We are always motivated to serve better than yesterday and work flawlessly. Our endless improvement makes the right difference to the lottery, helping lotteries achieve their target sales and effectively reach the break-even point in around 18 months.

Dynamic technology: LocusPlay brings state-of-the-art technology with the likes of management console system (back office) that helps you manage cash efficiently, track the agents with detailed analytics and audit trail. 

Lotteries can explore alternate channels like SMS and USSD to grow their sales and increase player base. With such betting options, one can play from anywhere, without Internet connectivity, even on their basic mobile phones. We have designed this technology and such features especially keeping in mind emerging markets.

Fast Implementation roll-out: With LocusPlay enjoy the fully operational lottery activities within weeks not months. Lottery no longer requires huge infrastructure to set up and sell the tickets.  Mobile Point-Of-Sale terminals made lottery distribution easy and effective. Unlike conventional lotteries, it eliminates the cost of pre-printed tickets.

Clients Experience: We have helped transform lotteries globally, switching it from land-based to Mobile lottery. One of our customers has experienced swift growth in sales, leading to 4X growth with the help of LocusPlay. 

Lotteries are disappointed with many technology providers who over-promise and under-deliver; this being one of the reasons 50% of our clients who switched from their existing technology providers to LocusPlay.

We are glad our clients are growing with us and also appreciating the service being delivered. To explore more what our clients have to say http://www.locusplay.com/case_study/