Lottery Messenger Services - The evolution of lottery industry

The Lottery Messenger Services helps a player purchase tickets from National Lottery, this service allows National Lottery reach remote areas to increase their sales.  Lotteries always seek for an Innovative technology solution to grow,  Lottery Messenger Services is such solution. 

Lotteries are then insured to provide the pay-out if those numbers win. Jackpots can be huge, running to millions of dollars.

Operators need to be the architects of their own success, given the likelihood of increased regulation and interest in the industry.

GLMF (Global Lottery Messenger Forum) attracted 140 attendees from 22 countries to the event. Focusing on what Lottery Messenger services have to offer.

Speaking at the event, organizer Stuart Ballan, Head of Sales, Middle East, of the regulated payment processor Counting House, said:
“Changes in lottery rules have led to a jump in jackpot sizes and a massive increase in the numbers of customersas we saw earlier in the year when the Powerball Lottery rolled over from $950 to $1.5bn in just four days”

“There was a tsunami of customers wanting to play, so much so that it caused operational problems for some brands, whilst giving the huge potential for retention and repeat play.”

Paul Davis, Managing Director of Counting House, said:
“Increasingly around the world, gambling commissions have started to merge with lottery regulatory authorities.  The future is already happening.”

Lottery industry has seen constant growth, with the new challenges coming in.

The industry has gone strength to strength, including new regulation and the possibility of lotteries changing their rules. 

LocusPlay Mobile Lottery provides end-to-end technology to operate and manage lotteries efficiently. With LocusPlay, the lottery can be offered through the retail channel using mobile POS as well online through web, mobile application, SMS, and USSD.

LocusPlay SMS & USSD lottery enables the player to play the lottery even in the absence of Internet network. Which is ideal for emerging markets in terms of targeting remote areas.