How to win the lottery more often as part of a Lottery Syndicate

Playing lottery in a syndicate not only gives the player to enjoy the game in a group, but it also improves their chances of winning.  All they have to do is choose the syndicate wisely.  Lottery syndicate gives you the opportunity to play together and win together.
A lottery syndicate is nothing but a group of players who come together to share the cost, as well as the winnings of a Lotto ticket, so they can play more games and when they play more, it is obvious that their chances of winning the game are more.  Upon winning the ticket that they purchased together, the syndicate shares the prize money equally among all the members.

Playing in a syndicate is encouraged because it not only increases the chance of winning but it also gives the lottery players the joy of playing together in a group.  It becomes much like a family game or an outing with friends.

Starting a syndicate lets you spread the excitement of nail-biting game around your family, friends, or even colleagues from work.  As the players can enjoy this exciting game in-store or even on the internet, there is a lot of conveniences.

Lottery syndicate allows you to play:
  • Draw-based games
  • Combine the games for more fun
  • Lose little and gain more 

Be a good manager!

It is important to manage the syndicate.  A syndicate manager has to take up a number of key responsibilities so say yes to take it up only if you are fully ready or pick a person who is better at the task.

The responsibilities of a syndicate manager include:

A lottery syndicate manager gets to decide who stays on the team and hence, the manager has the chance to pick persons who they feel are the luckiest for better chances of winning.

Arrange for a syndicate agreement and ensure that the group members are fully aware of what is mentioned in the agreement.  The agreement comes handy in case of any future disputes.

The syndicate manager will be in charge of collecting money and buying the lottery tickets.

To run a happy lottery syndicate:
  • Be very careful while checking the numbers of your syndicate.  These numbers are available for checking on the gaming company’s website after the draw.  The lottery ticket can also be checked directly by using in-store ticket checkers.
  • See that there are no disputes within the syndicate and make everything very clear on the syndicate agreement.
  • Keep a close check on winnings and payments of the syndicate and if a situation arises when one or a few group members can't pay for a draw, then act quickly on what to do and do not forget to inform the group members.
  • Maintain transparency with the group members and communicate with them regularly.
There are statistics that suggest one in 6 Lottery jackpots are bagged by lottery syndicates, so the next time you play to bet, try getting into a syndicate and enjoy the joy of winning and sharing.