Lottery Statistics and Group Playing

Is it possible to improve your probability to win a lottery? Or is it just purely based on luck and fluke?? Do maths and statistics play a pivotal role in it? Let’s understand the uncertainty.

This popular system is often referred to as frequency analysis.  In short, it involves keeping track of the individual numbers that are drawn over a period of time.  You might compare it to handicapping a racehorse; rating his past performance to determine what his chances of winning are in the future.

Numbers that appear often in a certain game are called hot numbers.  Some players will play these hot numbers exclusively on the assumption that since they have appeared often in the past, they should appear again in the future.  But it's not as simple as that.  Other players believe such numbers may be on their way out.  Thus, they track the cold numbers - the overdue ones that haven't hit yet.  Most specialists, however, play a combination of these hot and cold numbers.  Some people even play a combination of hot, cold, and personal numbers, such as birth dates.  And in spite of the appearance of trends in a game, most lottery organizers go to great lengths to make sure the numbers drawn are truly random - so patterns are likely coincidences. 

Experts have a wide variety of opinions on tracking methods, so there's no exact formula for tracking.  Once you understand the idea of frequency analysis, you can develop your own tracking formula.  The winner of the very first Lotto Texas jackpot- over $21 million was a tracker.  Janie Kallus of Schulenburg, Texas, was forced to use a rather unique method.  Since there had been very few Texas numbers to track in the short history of the Texas Lotto, she tracked numbers from other states' drawings.  It's easy to find lists of previous winning numbers.


Pooling your money - or joining a lottery club - is a strategy for stretching your resources or getting "more bang for your buck".  When you join a lottery club, you pool your money together with a number of other players, increasing the number of tickets you can buy as well as your chances of winning. Of course, there are drawbacks.  The primary drawback is that you must split any winnings with the other members.

One last piece of advice “Be positive, wear a smile on your face and you are already a winner” congratulations!