Number or sheer luck? What maximizes the chances to win a lottery?

Why wait for luck to knock on your door when you can wisely implement the various lotto strategies to give Fate a helping hand? Most people desire easy money but for that, you first have to take the initiative of buying a lottery ticket either online or from a retailer. 

Like anything else in life, you have to play to win.  By also accepting the truth that your chances of winning are infinite, you must pursue buying a lottery ticket every week and be optimistic.  You may never know when luck can strike! Do not let the staggering odds put you off.
Playing the lottery should be fun and not a means to end your career.  Trust your judgment and instincts and pick your favorite numbers.  Anything will do, your house number, your car number or how many microseconds it will take to tell your boss to buzz off if you win.  On second thoughts, avoid choosing your birth date as it will restrict your choice numbers as a month cannot more than 31 days.  

For the serious players, they can utilize the lotto strategies to maximize their chances of winning.  Following a step by step approach will help to generate a set of potentially winning numbers.  Actually, some numbers are luckier than others.  Number 7 and its multiples are popular choices and it rightly appears on the list of the top 10 winning numbers both in UK and South African lotteries.

Keep your ticket safe and secure as you would be surprised by how many people find their “Eureka” moments spoilt by having to go through the trash can.

In order to yield a big win, buy a ticket when a previous lotto draw has rolled over.  The chances of winning could also be boosted by entering bumper draws that offer guaranteed jackpots.  The only way you can beat the odds is to bet against what other people are betting their money on and thus you may not have to share your money around.  If you are one of those lottery players who has been endlessly waiting for lady luck to bless you, then you may not have to try harder as the winning tips and strategies are well spelled for you.