Mobile lottery: The lottery player’s behaviour - What is the solution to address the issue?

Vital factor that will set the most successful lottery business apart going forward, is a seamless omnichannel strategy.  As mobile lottery/betting stats have been rising for quite some time, many industry experts have yet to nail the optimal mobile gambling experience and look out for a right technology partner who can power up them with an innovative mobile lottery solution. 

The trick lies in figuring out what the lottery players want to achieve or experience with the lottery or betting offered via mobile.  The aim should be around offering a unique lottery-playing experience with the promise of most secure and personalized platform.
The challenge to the technology developer is that to figure out what the lottery players and prospects need most in their busy on-the-go lives—and acknowledge that with the mobile strategy.  This being said, the survey driven analysis to empathize the need for the lottery player has to be derived.
Mobile Lottery Platform As stated in recent news from iGaming business, the gross gaming revenues from mobile gaming and betting are set to reach just over €19bn in 2018 or nearly 45% of the total interactive gambling gross win.  It shows how frequent mobile gambling and SMS betting trends are going to rise, and hence the lotto player’s expectations.  Ranging from a simple and easy-to-use interface, fast and accurate transactions for segmenting players with targeted games/category.  Regardless of what actions the lottery players are taking while visiting/using (Web or App) mobile-optimized lottery, failure to meet these players expectations can have detrimental effects on how the players feel about that lottery provider. 

So here are the things you must consider in mobile lottery market:

1) The lottery player’s experience is everything on mobile
  • A large number of mobile gamers value an easy-to-use interface, fast loading of pages/steps and a secure platform while playing the lottery on their mobile.
2) Complete solution for online and offline gaming experience
  • GPRS/3G savvy lottery players use their Smartphone or Tablet PC to bet online and while the rest of the lottery players should be able to bet through USSD or SMS betting to curb Internet dependency.
3) Lottery players are willing to play on mobile
  • Player now have the freedom to play lottery anytime anywhere.  Lottery players are willing to spend on lottery purchase, but only if they get quick access to all the available games.
4) A poor customer experience on mobile can be detrimental to the bottom line.
  • Lottery is no longer monopoly now, especially with the respective government issuing more licenses to create a healthy competition.  Hence, players have more options that could result in them switching your competitor.  The main reason could be a poor customer and user experience.  The ball is in lottery operator’s court to make sure that their mobile gaming platform delivers the promised experience that lottery players are looking for.
There are not many lottery providers today, who offer a comprehensive solution to meet all essential requirements and counter the above-mentioned shortcomings.  Lottery providers feel that it requires heavy capital investment to introduce such a technology.  This could be the reality but now you do have a choice.  A technology platform that does provide an all-in-one lotto system, meeting all the above guidelines beside more features and that is  Yes, you have read it correctly; you do not need to invest heavily in such state-of-the-art lottery technology that enables you with the mobile lottery.

LocusPlay offers lottery operators, agents, and vendors with a comprehensive solution to expand their lottery business online as well provide customers with wide platforms to enjoy their lottery games on smartphones or by sending an SMS or play lottery via USSD.  LocusPlay also offers an integrated CRM solution to gambling operators that not only increases customer satisfaction and commitment but also helps in maximizing the profit. 

Moreover, LocusPlay helps in reducing costs, as there is no requirement for purchasing proprietary hardware.  The platform is compatible with off-the-shelf hardware.  Needless to mention, it is a perfect icing on the cake.