Gambling in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign state located in the island of Hispaniola (sharing it with Haiti) in the Caribbean Sea.  The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation (18,705 Sq. mi.) and its population is approximately 10 million.  Its capital is Santo Domingo.  The official language is Spanish.

Speaking about telecommunication, the Dominican Republic is considered one of the countries with the most advanced telecommunication infrastructures in Latin America, with over 8.9 million cellular phones connected to the Internet by 2012. 

Gambling is legal and regulated.  The Dominican Republic has the biggest gambling industry throughout the Caribbean.  Online gambling was first regulated in 2006, with a law that allowed online gambling licenses to be issued. 

Lottery is legal and regulated in the Dominican Republic.  The Dominica Lotteries Commission (DLC) came into existence as a statutory corporation on February 7, 1994.  In 1995, Canadian Banknote Co. Ltd. (CBN), a technology provider launched the Diskette System to the DLC which allowed for the introduction of the new game LOTTO.  This was the first big jackpot game, which generated increased interest and participation in lottery throughout the country. 

CBN later provided the lottery with a store and forward system, which gave birth to the regional game Winlotto, which brought further diversity to the lottery products offered.  In 2002, the daily game Daily 3 was further introduced to the range of lottery products.

Today, CBN Dominica Inc. has vastly transformed the lottery and continues to provide the Dominican playing public with a wide variety of games with bigger and better prizes, through the first ever new and modernized touch-screen machine, which was introduced in May 2010.

Online lottery is legal and regulated.  Gamblers of the Dominican Republic are free to wager in any lottery draws on international online lottery sites available to them.

Sports betting was made legal in 2006.  The activity has gained in popularity, especially with American tourists, and is also available in several casinos.  It is overseen and regulated by the Secretary of State for Sports and Physical Education and Recreation.  There are about 1,000 Sportsbooks operating throughout the country.  These small betting shops cater mainly to locals.  Online sports betting is legal too, so players can enjoy betting on sports at many online bookmakers.

Casino is legal and regulated.  There are currently 88 casino facilities available in total.  The second largest casino in the Caribbean, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana is located in the Dominican Republic.  Games on offer include roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and poker along with slot machines.
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