Gambling in Malawi

Malawi, officially The Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa formally known as Nyasaland.  It has a population of over 18.1 million (July 2016 est.).  Its capital is Lilongwe.
According to a survey in 2015, Malawi had over 6.1 million mobile subscriptions compared with only 45,678 fixed line subscriptions.  There were 1.67 million users connected to the Internet.
Gambling is legal is Malawi.  The government introduced its first Gambling Act in 1996, new gambling legislation was introduced, and a new regulatory authority was created. 
Online gambling is not regulated in Malawi, and there are no laws and regulations referring online gambling under Malawi’s gambling regulation act.
The biggest gambling city in Malawi is its capital Lilongwe with 3 gambling facilities, 30 table games, 113 gaming, slot and video poker machines.
The biggest casino in the entire country is Pirates Casino, which is located in Lilongwe.  Pirates Casino has 9 table games, 100 gaming and video poker machines.
Sports betting is legal in Malawi and it is one of the most common forms of gambling out there.  The only licensed sports betting in Malawi is Premier Betting as of now.
Lottery is the most common form of gambling here.  Approximately 15 million Malawians play the Malawi National Lottery on a regular basis.  There is only one company right now, which can legally conduct lotteries in Malawi, the Gidani International Limited.  The company received its license in the summer of 2015.
Gambling in Malawi is a fast growing business so the country has the chance to become a gaming powerhouse in the future.
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