Lottery Adding a Spark of Life in South Africa

Lottery is an industry, which engages all the creative parts, enhancing the quality of life and bringing a positive change in millions of lives. It participates in uplifting the society through arts, stays ahead in protecting the vulnerable and has remarkable funding for several sports and recreational activities for this winning nation.
Some noteworthy sectors of concentration:
Arts, culture and heritage sector: The preservation of arts, the South African culture and national heritage has a broad scope. Reasonably, R470 million (approx. $35 million) has been distributed by the National Lottery Board.
The funding enhances the environment as well as historical and architectural heritage. Enabling arts accessible to more people across the country to enjoy a wide range of activities.
Charities sector: The National Lotteries Commission performs as a catalyst in eradicating poverty and reducing inequality in South Africa. Channeling 47%, R966 million (approx. $73 million in 2013-14) of its annual budget for distribution of 
funds to a range of good causes.
Sports and recreation sector: National Lotteries Commission has invested Over R4 billion (approx. $305 million) into the development of sports and recreation over the last 16 years. It also assists regional bodies, local sports clubs, recreational clubs and schools in their growth.
The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) issued its first call in 2011, inviting social welfare organizations to submit applications. The charity helped home-based care services in rural and underprivileged communities, for the betterment of educational facilities, enhancing literacy through early childhood.
These priority areas are in line with the directions proclaimed by Minister of Trade and Industry. Which emphasizes that funding from the national lottery must be used in South Africa’s developmental needs.

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