Gambling in Chad

The Republic of Chad is a landlocked country situated in Central Africa, with an estimated population of over 13.6 million (2015).

Radio is the most popular medium of mass communication. The Internet penetration rate is low as there were only 230,489 users connected to the Internet in 2012, around 2.1% of its population. There were 4.2 million mobile cellular lines with mobile cellular subscribership base of only about 35 per 100 persons (2011).

Gambling is legal and regulated in Chad. Any form of unauthorized gambling can lead to a fine up to 2,500,000 francs ($4,400) and imprisonment of 2 years.

Online gambling is not regulated, there is no law passed referring online gambling under Chad’s gambling regulation act, so far. Players are free to play on any foreign gambling website. Since the Internet penetration rate is low there are few players to play online.

Sports betting and lottery are the most popular forms of gambling in the country. Pari-Mutuel Urbain Tchad (PMUT) operates sports betting in the country. The PMUT has no website thus does not offer any online sports betting options.

Lottery is also operated by PMUT in the country. The PMUT does not offer an online platform for lottery either, which means there is no way to play online lottery games on a Chad based site. However, it is completely legal for locals to participate in lottery draws on international lottery sites available to them.