Gambling in Cameroon

Cameroon is a country located in Central Africa. It has a population of about 22.5 million, estimated in July 2013.
Speaking about telecommunications, there were 4.5 million mobile cellular lines in 2007, these stats rose to 13.1 million lines by 2012, which is ranked 64th in the world. When it comes to the Internet, there were 985,565 users connected to the Internet in 2011 and these stats jumped to 1.1 million users in 2012, which is about 5.7% of the population, ranking the country 113th in the world.
The current gambling law, written in 1989 and modified in 2004, makes no mention of online gambling. A proposal has been presented to the Cameroonian government recently, that aims to regulate gambling and to over-ride the previous regulation, now considered outdated.
The main reason the new law is deemed necessary is that gambling establishments are hotbeds of money laundering and corruption. According to René Emmanuel Sadi, the minister of the Territorial Administration, many gambling operators fail to comply with the rules of operating such establishments. 
Casinos are legal and regulated in the country. Operators must acquire a license to operate casinos. There are currently 5 casinos operating in the country and most of them established in the capital city Yaounde.
Lotteries are legal in the country but apparently, there are no lotteries operating within the country, so far. There was a national lottery operating called LONACAM, which had a monopoly over Cameroonian lottery market but It had to wind up soon due to bankruptcy.