LocusPlay multi-channel lottery platform

Lottery has come way forward and has become sophisticated with the time. Gone are the days when paper based lotteries used to rule the market. I agree, paper based lotteries still exist, but if you look at the sales it is declining year-on-year.
The need of the hour for the startup lotteries is to look for a technology provider who knows the market and offers multi-channel sales platform with end-to-end solution.
Lotteries work in different ways in different markets.  Lottery technology is not “one size fits all” approach, hence it is essential to choose right technology for the right market. Our experts have decades of experience and are well aware of geographical aspects of the lottery. LocusPlay brings you diverse aspects in our technology.
mPOS terminals - You can run as a mobile point-of-sale operation through the use of mobile agents. You do not require a physical booth to sell the lottery tickets. Agents carry the terminal on field and sell tickets instantly. This terminal runs on a battery that lasts more than a day. It operates through a cellular network.
Online lottery - Through this form of lottery, players can play online from home at anytime. Players can e-Transfer the funds in their wallets via credit/debit card. Winning tickets are processed directly online and the proceeds can be used to fund future playing or withdrawn to customer’s bank account.
SMS betting - This is another innovative channel which is largely popular in the emerging countries. Players can place a bet through SMS. A player can play SMS lottery through any mobile phone. The bet amount charged would be deducted directly from your credit in the cell phone just like a mobile wallet. Players do not require a Smartphone or Internet connection to play SMS lottery and can play anywhere, anytime.
USSD betting - USSD betting is quite similar to SMS betting, you do not require a smartphone or an Internet connection. Players can place a real-time bet by following menu driven instructions on the phone.
About LocusPlay 
Lotteries across 3 continents are already using LocusPlay mobile lottery platform. Customers from emerging market have experienced 4X growth in lottery sales. 50% of our customers switched from their existing technology providers to LocusPlay. We are honored with the amount of trust customers have put in LocusPlay. With over 100 million tickets sold using LocusPlay with up to 80% savings in capital investment.