Zimbabwe to capitalise on gambling

In Zimbabwe, traditionally gambling was always restricted to the state lottery. But the whole gambling model has changed now. Plenty of lotteries and sports betting shops started showing up in the urban areas, to satisfy the growing need for lotteries and other forms of gambling in the country.
Mr. Chamu Mhembere, one of the renowned personality in the Zimbabwe’s gambling industry said the emergence of new players confirms the growth of industry.
“The industry has evolved with the advent of various players coming on board and offers diverse markets, not necessarily related to horse racing. Markets such as sports betting and lotteries have begun trending”
The major cities in Zimbabwe now support gambling business, while the capital city Harare being the ace.  Even the resorts in the country have casinos, being one of the major attractions to the tourists.
Simultaneously, some activists also showed the concern saying it has both good and bad sides considering the increasing number of players in the country.
With a population of over a billion people, gambling is becoming rampant and popular in Africa. Zimbabwe is experiencing phenomenal growth as compared to the other countries when it comes to gambling.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) listed out it’s report entitled “Raising the states in Africa Gambling outlook: 2014-2018” said Nigeria and Kenya will show a slow rate of growth in gambling industry from 2014-2016. While in South Africa growth will remain sluggish.
PwC focused and researched only on the three countries.  There’s a possibility that they may widen up the research and include other countries.
The Gaming Board of Tanzania showed a progressive growth generated over $10 million in revenue (in 2012), 20% more compared to the previous year (2011).