Benefits of SMS betting with LocusPlay

LocusPlay’s innovative technology has been helping lotteries globally. One of the various forms of betting being SMS, which is largely popular and successful especially among the emerging nations.

Let me give you a brief insight about how SMS betting has helped our customers and how it could be helpful to you as well.

Cost reduction: Lottery operators do not require heavy infrastructure or even a physical booth to start SMS lottery. It also replaces printed tickets with e-Tickets. Hence it eliminates the cost and instead you could use that money in the marketing and promotion of your lottery.

Customer engagement: SMS betting helps you build effective database of players. Track your players, know the likes of game they play. Ensure that you take feedback from your players, to gain the trust and faith among players.

Promotion and offers: It is vital to keep your players informed regarding the services your lottery provides. You can effectively communicate the forthcoming offers from your lottery by sending a text message to the players. It also plays a major role in player retention.

No technology barrier: A player can play SMS lottery through any mobile phone. A player doesn’t require a Smartphone or Internet connection to play SMS lottery.  Players do not have to move out of their place to play, they can play anywhere and anytime.

LocusPlay’s SMS lottery has been designed considering the low Internet penetration rate in the emerging nations. It is more sophisticated and attractive form of playing the lottery. LocusPlay deals with all aspects of lottery technology like business strategy, game design, marketing etc. Of course, you do not need a huge capital investment to start a new lottery when you partner with LocusPlay.