Michigan Lottery plans to go on air to promote online lottery

Michigan Lottery is all set to promote online lottery via broadcasting an ad in a Super Bowl event. Advertisement campaign is going to be held for three weeks to promote online games.
The 30 second TV ad focuses on how players could use and take advantage of smartphones, tablets and laptops to play.

Michigan Lottery says the ad will be aired twice during Sunday's game in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Flint markets and once in the Traverse City market.  The cost for the ad to air during the Super Bowl is estimated to be about $216,000.  

After the premiere, the ad will be aired on Michigan TV and radio stations.  

Michigan Lottery offers more than 30 online games with plays ranging in price from 5 cents to $20.

It is an unusual initiative taken by the Michigan state lottery in order to create awareness among the players regarding the power of online lottery platform.

The amount of money invested in the ad could be reaped only after educating players about online lottery and further creating plenty of online games.

In order to flourish online lottery games, one has to educate players and give them a brief insight about it.

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