Mobile Betting Application: The enhancement to the traditional lottery offerings

It is expected that 40% of Africans will own a smartphone by 2017.  The smartphones are no more a status symbol. From being a luxury, it has become a necessity.  Every industry is expanding its business to mobile technology, and lottery industry is also on the same path.  The mobile gambling users are likely to increase by a whopping 100 million in next 5 years.  That translates into 164 million people placing a bet from their mobile, visit a mobile casino or buy a mobile lottery ticket by 2018. 
Mobile Betting Application, as the name suggests, is a form of betting where the players use an app installed on their mobiles to place a bet.  The app used for betting is specially designed - keeping it simple and secure to use.

Mobile application betting has the potential to replace the common culture of buying lottery from the stores.  There are a lot of advantages associated with the use of Mobile Application betting. Some of them are listed here: 

Mobile Betting Application

Portability might be important for many players.  These players like to have the freedom to bet from anywhere anytime.  They don’t want to visit the lottery store.  It can have a huge impact on the number of active players in the lottery industry.

Time Independent: 
The service is not time bound which is the case with lottery stores.  They are not necessarily open at night.  This problem is well-taken care by Mobile Application betting, as the services are available 24x7.  The players can place bet at their own comfortable time.

Live Betting: 
One more advantage is the live event betting possibility.  The players can bet as any event goes on.  And placing the bet is instantaneously reflected by the servers.

Account Management: 
App can also save the players expenditure over a period of time.  The players can keep a track of their playing activities and can take informed decisions about their betting habits.  There is no need of writing the expenses and manual tracking. 

There is no doubt the trend is likely to shift from common practice of buying the tickets from the lottery store.  The operators are also playing their hands in this form of technology.  The application can be ported to various online app stores and the users can download the respective apps and start playing by signing in to their accounts.

With all these benefits, the mobile platform has become a must-have technology for the lotteries and many of them are already exploring further possibilities in mobile technology.  There is every chance that mobile technology will boost up lottery businesses.