LocusPlay - The best lottery technology platform

Digital lottery is booming and growing into a sustainable business opportunity especially in the emerging countries.  Digital lottery makes lottery operations simple to understand, easy to access, convenient to players and above all more effective.
LocusPlay is one of the best lottery platforms available in the market today for emerging and paper lotteries.  We could offer following services that could transform a startup lottery or an existing paper-based lottery into a successful digital lottery.

Consulting: With decades of experience, our Industry professionals and software analysts can sort out the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat to your lottery business.  This ultimately leads to a successful business plan or a blueprint for business.

Regional impression: We serve lottery customers globally.  We bring the relevant experience to your lottery considering the demographic statistics e.g. no. of players, game preferences, types of games etc.

Latest technology: LocusPlay brings you state-of-the-art technology, with the likes of management console system (back office) helps you manage the cash efficiently, tracks the agent, precise list of transactions done.  Options like SMS and USSD betting are also available.

Mobile Point-of-Sales (mPOS) terminals: You can also run as a mobile point of sale operation through the use of mobile agents.  One need not have to have a physical location/booth to sell the lottery ticket.  Agents carry the terminal on field, sell tickets instantly.  This terminal runs on a battery for more than a day and has a fast charging cycle.  It operates with the cellular network and thus does not depend on consistent electricity as well Internet connection.  Even in the areas of low cellular penetration this terminal can work efficiently.

Now start a new lottery or transform your existing paper-based lottery with low capital investment and the technology that implements in weeks not months.  The lottery is changing rapidly.  Keep up the pace with changing dynamics driven mainly by mobile technology. 

Watch this video to know how other lotteries are leveraging LocusPlay advantage,