Lotteries: Marketing and Management

Usually, a lottery generates the bulk of business from the same set of players.  This makes ‘repeat business’ the key to success in the lottery business.  A satisfied player is worth minimum 10 times of his/her first purchase.  This makes marketing and player satisfaction all the more important.  Let's have a look at various marketing and management strategies to attract more players and make them happy.

Lotteries and People: Patterns, behaviour and trend of lotteries


The lottery industry has its presence in the history from long ago.  The earliest known traces of lotteries come from Chinese Han Dynasty which dates back to between 205 and 187 BC.  These lotteries are also believed to offer a helping hand to important government projects like the Great Wall of China.  In the Roman Mythology, where the Iliad of Homer refers to lots being placed into Agamemnon's helmet to determine who would fight Hector.  The modern history of lottery dates to 1800s when many governments legalized lotteries in their countries.

Mobile Betting Application: The enhancement to the traditional lottery offerings

It is expected that 40% of Africans will own a smartphone by 2017.  The smartphones are no more a status symbol. From being a luxury, it has become a necessity.  Every industry is expanding its business to mobile technology, and lottery industry is also on the same path.  The mobile gambling users are likely to increase by a whopping 100 million in next 5 years.  That translates into 164 million people placing a bet from their mobile, visit a mobile casino or buy a mobile lottery ticket by 2018. 

USSD Betting: The Latest trend in lottery

The mobiles were one of the best innovations of previous century.  And it tasted rapid growth like no other technology.  By the end of 2013, there were more mobile phones on earth than people.  In the emerging markets like Africa, mobile penetration was 65% in 2012, just in 18 years after its launch in 1994.  There are more mobile phones in Uganda than Light bulbs.  These statistics encourage the businesses to lean more and more towards the mobile users.  With the options mobile betting has provided, more and more people are trying their hands at betting in one way or the other.

SMS Betting - How far does it reach and what are the potentials?

The game of lottery has reached almost every hand now with mobile is becoming ubiquitous, and SMS (also known as a text message) is available on every mobile phone.  SMS betting enables everyone to play lottery right on their mobile just by sending a text message.  Gone are the days when the players had to walk all the way up to the lottery store to get their tickets.  The latest trend in the lottery industry is betting on the mobile devices.  The lottery industry witnessed an explosive growth with a whole new set of customers who are mobile users and willing to play the lottery but don’t like to walk the mile towards a lottery retail outlet.  Mobile betting is the second most popular form of remote gambling in the UK according to the gambling commission of UK.

A primer for Lottery startup

Lottery is probably the oldest form of raising money for good causes. The Great Wall of China is probably the oldest known project financed by the lottery profits.  Lottery business involves many moving parts like any other business, but there are a few learnings specific to the lottery industry.  However, the foremost difference is that almost all the lotteries have a good cause to fulfill from the profit, that is used for the betterment of people.  The leading example is UK health lottery’s significant contribution to the local health-related causes.

Mobile POS and Going Plastic

Investment in mobile POS

It is expected that 17-20% of total retail sales will be using a mobile device by 2016.  Retailers across multiple industries and businesses both large and small were included in these estimates.  With or without data, it makes sense – nowadays even one-of-a-kind businesses such as food trucks increasingly accept credit and debit cards.

The main worries about going digital and how LocusPlay can help!

In recent years, many of our favorite things have gone almost entirely digital: books, cable television, music, photography and social networks just to name a few.  We at LocusPlay believe that digital lotteries are the next big thing, and with our advanced platform, we can make this a reality.  However, we recognize that cautious lotteries and their management may have many concerns regarding converting from paper-based to digital lotteries, which is what we are going to address in this article.

Why Go Digital? - Future of Lotteries

Over the past few years, digital products of all kinds have rapidly entered the market. Lotteries should be no exception to this trend.  As countries all over the world get better wireless connections and 3G data access, customers with cell phones will look for a quicker, easier way to play lottery games.
Wireless connection in the emerging world has also rapidly expanded.  Rapid technological developments for an otherwise young industry mean that improvements will be constant. 

Wondering! Why online lottery is so popular?

Everyone has unique preferences, which influence the choices they make when they want to engage in different activities e.g. choices for utilization of money, whether to trade or just keep investing.  People enjoy gambling due to diverse reasons, one of them being a great interest.  The growing use of Internet has enabled players to savor online lottery and online gambling.  This can be described for different reasons.

Mobile Lottery… A Hype or Reality?

If you are a lottery operator then probably this is not the first time you are reading or have come across something about the mobile lottery.  I am sure you would wonder that is it some kind of a hype that is created by technology providers or is it a reality or soon going to be a reality.  Let’s explore this phenomenon together both from a lottery operator’s as well from a player’s perspective.

Mobile Betting – A technology that makes gambling easier!

Mobile betting is comparatively a new way of entertainment.  Conventional forms of gambling and betting on particular events or games have a great history. 

At first, players merely had to go to the live event or retail store to place their bets while standing in a queue and wait for their turn.  This particular process is more time-consuming until the concept of mobile gambling was introduced.  Technology makes everything simple and more personalized, agree! Among those things that were improved significantly are a mobile lottery and gambling platforms.  Believe it or not, mobile lottery provides exactly the same experience that any player enjoys while playing a traditional lottery.  Unlike the standard betting, this different technique doesn’t need you to be bodily seen at the lottery retail store, not even for the results.

What motivates people to play lottery!

The foremost tempting thing in playing a lottery is winning a big amount of money for investing in a small lottery ticket.  That’s like dreaming of a day with a perfect set of numbers that can change your life forever.

The reasons could be anything, family crisis or unexpected hospital bills to pay.  Perhaps you have lost your job or it's not able to fulfill your dreams, however, you'd love to pay subsequent fifty years lying on a beach with a glass full of wine in hand.

Some lottery winning tips… just sharing our experience.

Winning the jackpot and finding some great lottery tips that work, is the dream of every lottery player but only a few lucky ones see their dream fulfilled.  Here, we present you some awesome tips, which will help you turn your dream into reality.

Winning a lottery can happen to anyone.  It can turn a pauper into a millionaire overnight and though this is mainly due to luck, there are a few pointers, which may increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Planning to start a lottery business?... Things to know

Lottery is one of the most popular forms of legal gambling that is patronized by common people because of the simplicity of game combined with high rewards.

Since the probability of earning profits from lottery business is also very high, we can see a huge interest and buzz around entering into this lucky business.  So here is a quick guide for all aspiring lottery owners -

The risk involved in betting and legal gambling is high but as we know that the returns are also pretty big and tempting to anyone.  Lottery has been part of people’s psyche where they can achieve financial emancipation.  On other hands, the returns for the operator or a lottery business owner is sure to be a financial windfall considering that there are many who patronize this kind of gambling or pastime.  For those who are inclined to reap quick money on establishing a business that has sure patrons, then the lottery business is one of the best among other.