Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mobile Lottery… a Hype or Reality?

If you are a lottery operator then probably this is not the first time you are reading or have come across something about mobile lottery.  I am sure you would wonder that is it some kind of a hype that is created by technology providers or is it a reality or soon going to be reality.  Let’s explore this phenomenon together both from a lottery operator’s as well from a player’s perspective.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mobile Betting – a technology that makes gambling easier!

Mobile betting is comparatively a new way of entertainment.  Conventional forms of gambling and betting on particular events or games have a great history. 

At first, players merely had to go to the live event or retail store to place their bets while stand in a queue and wait for their turn.  This particular process is more time-consuming until the concept of mobile gambling was introduced. Technology makes everything simple and more personalized, agree! Among those things that were improved significantly are mobile lottery and gambling platforms.  Believe it or not, mobile lottery provides exactly the same experience that any player enjoys while playing a traditional lottery. Unlike the standard betting, this different technique doesn’t need you to be bodily seen at the lottery retail store, not even for the results.