Lottery Messenger Services - The evolution of lottery industry

The Lottery Messenger Services helps a player purchase tickets from National Lottery, this service allows National Lottery reach remote areas to increase their sales.  Lotteries always seek for an Innovative technology solution to grow,  Lottery Messenger Services is such solution. 

How to retain players in the lottery industry?

It is certainly not an easy job to pull the players to play the lottery, but what even more challenging is to maintain those players playing regularly.  Further challenging to make them repeat players and happy customers.

Why do lotteries run into losses?

I wrote about reasons for lottery failures in one of my previous articles. I am glad it was well received and we had a record number of readers.  Since then, I have been thinking of writing my findings on struggling or loss-making lotteries. However, my hectic travel schedule and buzzing business pushed this article a bit out of the schedule. But here I am, writing this piece straight from an airport lounge at Bangkok airport while in transit and waiting for the next flight.