Educating lottery players about online offerings

Knowledge is Wisdom.  Getting acknowledged of anything is a part and parcel of our lives and it also adds up something to the inventory of our Dictionary through our experiences or through learning and getting educated.  We have traveled beyond our planet and have already set our sights on Moon, Mars and other planets meanwhile somewhere there are some lottery firms have stuck with conventional lottery system that is paper-based lottery system which has more cons akin to pros.
LocusPlay plays a vital role to help lottery firms switching from paper-based lottery to online lottery system which ultimately cuts down the paper work and is easy to use, the technology which is highly sophisticated.

With the help of our supreme and dynamic technology along with the top class Engineers we offer an affordable service which would eliminate all the paperwork and liberate you from all the torment work and stress not only this with the help of  POS (point of sales) you can track every bit of business done every minute and every day both offline and online for instance you can track the payment done by your customers, number of lotteries sold to your customers, barcode scanning, authentication of lottery ticket and many more details through our devices.

Now let me put a bright light on how paper lottery could run a savage, with the traditional method of paper lottery here are some duds you could face
  • Scamming and conning are easily possible with the paper based lottery system.
  • Counterfeit of a winning lottery could be made up and harm a real lottery winner and the firm’s reputation as well.
  • Tracking your agent’s work efficiency is limited.
  • Faith and belief are not easy to earn with the paper based lottery firm since it is vulnerable to scam.
  • It also might lead to criminal activities like stealing and cheating and winner would have no full proof that the winning lottery belongs to him.

Your customer might get pushed away from you towards the lottery firm who have already upgraded the technology.  We eliminate all the above risks and moreover we entertain you with the 100+ games at our disposal with full proof safety, security and privacy delivered to you.  LocusPlay gives lottery operators and distributors the tools they need to better manage their business.

In fact, even we try to educate and improve ourselves by putting ourselves into your shoes so that we could get hold of all your lottery firm conundrums and provide you the best solution, we pioneer the solution and we are beyond this, we are LocusPlay.