How popularity of mobile money is helping SMS & USSD based lottery?

Mobile has become the spine of our respective lives.  It is difficult to swap or exchange places without tagging the cell phone along with you. 

The importance and popularity of mobile are still increasing rapidly with the ever-growing technology and usage of it.  When it comes to lottery industry mobile has penetrated its own way with the services like SMS & USSD.  

There are several ways to purchase a lottery ticket and one of the most convenient ways is through mobile.  Yes, you got it right.  It is mobile money which is engaging millions of customers to buy lottery ticket through cellphones via SMS & USSD

It doesn’t at all matter if you are using a smartphone or a basic phone either could be used for playing lottery through SMS and USSD without even leaving your place. 

Your bet amount charged would be deducted directly from your credit on the cell phone just like a mobile wallet.  Every other detail like your balance, lottery ticket number, draw day etc you would receive it through a text just after you register & place a bet.

Mobile services like SMS & USSD make the lottery sector easy and better, also provides a real convenience to the end customers where they don’t have to step out and look for purchasing the lottery ticket in a physical store. 

It is a unique way of interacting with your customers in terms of business and can also track the performance of SMS & USSD based lottery tickets sold, with the tickets which you have been selling through retail outlets/Agents & can monitor your lottery business.  This will give a new dimension to your business with purpose served better.