Gambling in Niger

Niger, officially the Republic of the Niger is a landlocked country in western Africa, named after the Niger River.  Niger is the largest country in West Africa, with an estimated population of around 20.67 million (2016).  The capital is Niamey, which is located in Southwest corner of the country.  The official language is French.
Radio is the most popular medium of communication in Niger.  According to a survey in 2012, Niger had over 5.4 million mobile users compared with only 1,00,500 fixed line subscriptions.  There were around 0.2 million users connected to the Internet.
Gambling is legal in Niger with single casino and a national lottery.  There is only one land-based casino in Niamey, operating in Hotel Gaweye.  
Online gambling is not regulated in Niger, there are no laws and regulations referring online gambling under Niger’s gambling regulation act. 
Lottery is the most common form of gambling.  The first lottery was introduced in 1966.  The national lottery of Niger was introduced in 1993.  Loterie Nationale du Niger manages country’s national lottery.  Lottery offices are located in the following cities: Niamey, Maradi, Tahoua, Dosso, Zinder, and Agadez.
Sports betting is legal in Niger and regulated by the government.  It is unclear how many-licensed sport betting outlets exist in the country.  It has been reported that there are a number of sports betting outlets in the capital city of Niamey.  The most popular sport to bet on is football.  Rugby has also been growing in popularity over past 10 years. 
Online sports betting is not regulated in Niger and there are no laws and regulations referring online gambling under Niger’s gambling regulation act.
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