Gambling in Benin

Benin, officially the Republic of Benin and formally Dahomey, is a country situated in Western Africa.  Its capital is Porto-Novo.  It has a population of about 10.87 million (2016).
Radio is the most popular medium of communication in Benin.  The Internet penetration rate among the populace is very low, estimated between 2-10% by various reports.  As a result, online gambling is not exactly frequent within the country, and the government hasn’t regulated online gambling specifically.
Land-based gambling is regulated in Benin by the 2002 Benin’s Gambling Act, which allows gambling of various forms, including casino gambling and lottery.
Lottery is legal in Benin, and it has its own national lottery - the Loterie Nationale du Benin.  It was established under the National Lottery Act 2005 to regulate lottery activities in the country.  The main job of the Commission was to regulate lotteries and entire lottery business in the country. 
The national lottery offers scratchcards, 2 categories of regular lottery (5/90), Sports betting and horse racing as well.
Sports betting is legal in Benin and also a quite popular form of gambling.  Beninese gamblers looking for online sports betting, or a wider range of sports to bet on may play on international sports betting sites.
The biggest gambling city in Benin is Cotonou with one legal gambling facility available in total and the most forms of gambling available here are Casinos. 
Games available include video poker, slot machines, and poker tables, but few table casino games - especially, a single Roulette table in the Benin Marina Hotel.  
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