Lotteries in Morocco

Morocco is a country situated in North Africa.  It has a population of about 35.2 million (2016).  Its capital is Rabat.  This country majorly has Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences.

Talking about Telecommunications, Morocco has an excellent infrastructure.  Public phone booths, cell phones, and even VoIP has good coverage throughout the country.

The National Agency of Telecommunication Regulations (ANRT) reported that the number of internet users in Morocco increased by 34.4% in 2016.  The total number of internet users are now 13.69 million.  The entire sector is experiencing growth.

The most popular form of gambling here is lottery.  All forms of gambling (even online gambling) are legal in Morocco, as there are no specific laws banning it.  The National Lottery of Morocco is and it was started in 1971.  It is an important player in the economic and social landscape of the country.  It is under the state control and a limited company under the private law.

There are currently 7 land-based casinos operating in Morocco.  Each casino offers a full range of casino games: Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Slot machines and more.  Morocco casino business is one of the largest in Africa.  There are 5 cities in Morocco having gambling facilities.  From all the games offered, Keno is the most popular one.  Apart from this, Joker, Quatro, Toulati, and Milliardo are some of the other lottery games.

The National Lottery of Morocco supports responsible gaming.  It acts in accordance with international standards and best practices adopted by lotteries in the world.  Their main objective is to provide a variety of games to entertain a wide range of audience.  It claims to stand against excessive gambling behavior and requests all its players to play responsibly.  It even supports the country’s welfare associations and foundations to raise funds. 

In the near future, Morocco is expected to expand further in the gambling world, with emerging casinos throughout the country making way for interested players.

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