How to grow lottery sales and attract players?

Lottery sales might seem easy, as there is an impression that people rush to lottery outlets when they wish to play. Practically, the lottery business is very challenging especially when it comes to promoting. Even after considering the Investment, lottery operations require to be tech savvy, dynamically skilled and to be led by veteran industry experts to leverage the “ROI”.

Players play an imperative role in shaping up the lottery space. Henceforth, one of the best ways to increase the revenue is by retaining players and attracting new players.

Making a note of these key factors to boost lottery sales:

1. Players retention: Retaining existing players is less expensive than gaining new players. It is not an easy task in lottery to keep the players happy and engaged. This could be done through sustained rewards and by occasionally gifting them goodies or a second chance draw. 

2. Acquiring new players: Collaborate with nearby events and print a bunch of handbills about the upcoming events like live draws, an introduction to new games etc. It gives you a platform to unlock new opportunities and add new players on board. 
3. Banner ads: It is essential to spread 'Awareness' amongst the audience in order to capture the huge mass of players.  Banners, flyers, online marketing could help you increase the number of players. Display banners with the current winning jackpots and the news about all the games offered to the players.

4. Revolutionary mPOS terminal: mPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) terminal is a unique tool to sell tickets instantly. It also enables agents to roam around and sell even in the remote areas through mobile terminals, without the need of Internet. It is very cost effective as you do not require heavy infrastructure setup. This not only cuts the cost instantly and helps in smoothly running the lottery distribution.

5. Tracking sales: Track your lottery sales on LocusPlay Management Console, which gives full control over the lottery operations. You can manage agents, locations as well the performance. It also gives you clear game analytics which could help you to manage your lottery the most efficient way possible. 

About LocusPlay

Lotteries across 3 continents are already using LocusPlay mobile lottery platform. Customers from emerging market have experienced 4X growth in lottery sales. 50% of our customers switched from their existing technology providers to LocusPlay. We are honored with the amount of trust customers have put in LocusPlay. With over 100 million tickets sold using LocusPlay with up to 80% savings in capital investment.