Why LocusPlay SMS Betting?

SMS Betting is a unique way of playing lottery from any type of mobile phones irrespective of the telecom operator.  Players do not have to move out of their place to play, they can place bets from anywhere and anytime.

LocusPlay text / SMS betting has been specifically designed for the emerging markets.  The Internet penetration rate is low and on the other hand number of mobile users are rapidly growing in the emerging nations.

The Internet penetration rate in the whole of Africa is 27.7% (till March 31, 2017), whereas rest of the world has 54%.  When it comes to Internet users, we see a major downfall in the stats.  There are only 9.3% of Internet users in Africa and 90.7% in the rest of world.

The mobile penetration rate in Africa is 72% which is much higher as compared to 51% in the rest of world.

These stats represent how effective SMS betting could be in the emerging countries.  

How SMS betting has helped our customers?

e-Tickets: LocusPlay has replaced pre-printed tickets with e-tickets, instantly delivered through SMS.  Lottery operators do not require heavy infrastructure or even a physical booth to start SMS lottery.  Hence eliminating the cost.

Modes of payment: Players get the freedom to select their preferred mode of payment to pay.  They can opt to deduct the payment either from their credit balance or billed directly by their cellular operator.
Eliminates Middle-man: SMS betting does not require a middle-man to sell the tickets.  Lottery operator can directly sell to the players, hence eliminating the cost of middle-man.

Promotion and offers: SMS betting helps you build an effective database of players.  You can directly interact with the players about your upcoming offers in lottery.  It builds trust and faith among players and is crucial in player retention.

There are many players who want the freedom to play lottery from anywhere.  There are players who want their privacy.  There are players who do not own a Smartphone.  Not only LocusPlay SMS Betting solution helps you reach all such players but also it helps you increase your lottery sales.