Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to retain players in the lottery industry?

It is certainly not an easy job to pull the players to play lottery, but what even more challenging is to maintain those players playing regularly.  Further challenging to make them repeat players and happy customers.
Let me explain some of the factors influencing the retention level of lottery players.

Transparency: Ensure that you are accountable for every operation being carried out internally and externally.  Make players aware about how fair and trustworthy you run the lottery; showcase the glimpse of work environment and you could produce it as a case study for your own lottery.

Fraud-free: We often see lottery related scams and lotteries manipulating the results.  It doesn’t only put lottery under the risk in fact the whole reputation is at stake.

Empathy: Keep motivating regular players, don’t let them down.  Keep surprising and entertaining them with gifts on occasion even though they end up on the losing side.

React: Every player wants to be heard, for compliments as well for complaints.  Make sure that they are heard, provide them a feedback, and make them realize their importance.  It might help lottery since many players would also give suggestions for the room to improve lottery.

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