The main worries about going digital and how LocusPlay can help!

In recent years, many of our favorite things have gone almost entirely digital: books, cable television, music, photography and social networks just to name a few.  We at LocusPlay believe that digital lotteries are the next big thing, and with our advanced platform, we can make this a reality.  However, we recognize that cautious lotteries and their management may have many concerns regarding converting from paper-based to digital lotteries, which is what we are going to address in this article.

First off, what is LocusPlay? Simply put we are a mobile lottery platform, which eliminates the need for pre-printed tickets and most importantly provides a safe and secure software platform.  We allow lottery operators seamless, organized transactions all compiled on our secure database, with easily accessible receipts and anti-fraud mechanisms.  Our platform is user-friendly for both lotteries and players.  LocusPlay also supports both land-based and online devices, allowing lotteries to be played anytime, anywhere.
Digital Lottery Platform

But at the beginning of digital lotteries era, there are four main concerns about digital platforms: (1) security (2) user-friendliness (3) cost and (4) quality.  Let’s understand how LocusPlay addresses each of these concerns:

(1) Security: LocusPlay uses encryption for all of its financial transactions for protecting consumer information.  LocusPlay helps preventing lottery fraud with state-of-the-art back office management system and extremely robust transaction management system.  Going digital with LocusPlay will not only be safer for operators but also help in dealing with potential criminal and fraud activities.

(2) User-friendliness: The digital age is bringing forth all sorts of gadgets including smartphones, tablets, regular phones and laptops.  LocusPlay supports these modern gadgets (and regular phones, too!).  Our technology is easy-to-use and allows players to share their results with friends and family to bring in social angle, increasing player loyalty.  But if LocusPlay is a delight to use for players – it provides even more control with ease-of-use for lotteries.  Our back office management system allows remote, secure access so you can log in to your lottery analytics from anywhere.  It includes breakdowns of winning trends, customer analytics and all transactions history just to list a few.  Converting to digital with LocusPlay will not just make lotteries more enjoyable for your players – it will do the same for you.

(3) Cost: Many platforms that supposedly offer a complete digital lottery are lacking.  But LocusPlay’s flexibility and unique support system allow for access to a wider market.  LocusPlay does not need any proprietary hardware to run and provides a cost-effective way to go digital.  LocusPlay has an ability to adjust in the long-run that allows for lotteries to direct the fate of their business without worrying about the details.

(4) Quality: LocusPlay’s innovative design and technology to connect anyone, anywhere with a mobile device is one-of-a-kind in the industry.  We are secure and reliable, ensuring your satisfaction.  Our platform is aesthetically pleasing and we are confident that it outperforms the competition.  We allow land-based, online, and mobile players to participate, creating a larger consumer base and helping you focus on the important issues of customer satisfaction and increasing sales.  We remove all the tedious work from operating your lottery, allowing you to expand and grow your business faster. 

In summary, LocusPlay suits the lotteries with an eye for future trends and a desire to capture more of the market through innovation and foresight.