Claim your lost fortune – place your lottery bets online

Every year millions of people buy lottery tickets worldwide and only a few tickets ever win.  Worse of all, most of the time the winners are oblivious to their win, therefore the money that is rightfully theirs goes unclaimed and hence to some pre-designated organization.

To shed further light on this, recently there was a story going on the web where the lottery organizers were on a hunt to find the £63.8 million euro million jackpot winner.  According to the lottery rules, the winner gets 180 days period to claim his prize but it’s been 2 weeks since the British winner claimed his.  If the winner does not come in front on time then the winning proceeds will go to National Lottery Good Causes fund.

This was just one incident.  There is more such news where people lose their golden fortune because of unawareness or they get so busy with their lives that they don’t have time to keep track of their lottery status.  

So, is there a solution for it? Yes, there is.

With the enhancement of technology and industries shifting their business over the net, why should the lottery industry stay behind? Today there are lottery operators and agents providing people the benefit to register and place lotto bets online.  Yes, you can play lottery from the comfort of your home and in complete privacy.

Moreover, to simplify, ease and secure the online lottery operations, many companies such as LocusPlay are offering operators and agents with secure and reliable lottery software solution which includes CRM  to not only multiple operators’ revenues but also to increase customer satisfaction and commitment.  

Playing lottery online not only makes it easier for operators and agents to manage their games but also for people who are placing their bets online.  Most importantly, you are safeguarded from the hassle of standing in long queues at a lottery kiosk. With the option of online lottery, it is much convenient for people to manage and track their lottery bets, which means you will never miss out on your winning ticket.  It is the lottery operator/agents responsibility to send you an email or SMS informing about your lottery win. 

So, the next time you want to play the lottery and don’t want to stand in long queues to purchase lottery tickets, then just log onto the internet and place your lotto bets online