LocusPlay – The Art of Lottery Technology

LocusPlay has pioneered the mobile lottery platform for the emerging markets.  We have helped successfully launch startup lotteries on 3 different continents.
What makes LocusPlay so special? 
Unlike other lottery technologies, we help in all the aspects of lottery starting from market research, a business plan to marketing.  Our experts working in the lottery industry have decades of experience managing and running the lottery operations successfully.  They understand the importance of demographic and cultural aspects of the lottery and help you establish and operate the lottery with the best practices in your region.
Our expert's insight on new lotteries and on-the-ground experience have been proven vital to many lotteries.
LocusPlay also provides lottery operators and distributors appropriate tools like mPOS, management console (back office) system etc.  These tools help maximize the sale of tickets and effectively manage the business.
What is mPOS?
mPOS is a unique way of offering lottery through handheld terminals irrespective of the location of agents.  The terminal does not rely on a broadband connection and operates over cellular data network.
It enables lottery agents to go mobile as they can roam around with portable terminals to sell the tickets instantly.  Unlike traditional lotteries, LocusPlay eliminates the cost of pre-printed tickets instead offers e-Ticket.  You do not require to set up the high-cost infrastructure for the lottery.
LocusPlay brings state-of-the-art technology with the likes of management console system (back office) that helps you manage cash efficiently, track the agents with detailed analytics and audit trail.
With LocusPlay, lotteries can also explore alternate channels like SMS and USSD to grow their sales and increase player base.  With such betting options, one can play from anywhere, without Internet connectivity and even on their basic mobile phones.
Lotteries across 3 continents are already using LocusPlay mobile lottery platform.  Customers from emerging market have experienced 4X growth in lottery sales.  50% of our customers switched from their existing technology providers to LocusPlay.  We are honored with the amount of trust customers have put in LocusPlay.  With over 100 million tickets sold using LocusPlay with up to 80% savings in capital investment.