Lotteries in Mozambique

The Republic of Mozambique is a country located in Southeast Africa. It comprises the population of about twenty-four million (estimated in 2014). Mozambique is one of the emerging economies in the African region. Since 2001 it has shown immense growth in the country’s annual GDP.
The Internet penetration rate in the country is not great, though it has 8.1 million users connected to Internet (estimated in 2012). Which is about 4.8% of its population. There are 8.1 million users connected to the mobile phones as compared to 4.4 million (estimated in 2012).
Gambling is legal and regulated since 1994 in the country. However in 2009 they revised the gambling law and came out with few changes. The new law made little easy to establish gambling business. The main concern to revise the law was to increase tourism, attract investors and economic development.
Online casino is also legal and regulated (2009) in the country. Untill 1994 only land-based casino was legal.  Currently, there are two land-based casinos operating in the country. Arguably, lottery is the most common and favorite form of gambling in Mozambique. Mozambique’s national lottery is called Empresa de Lotarías e Apostas Mutuas de Mozambique.
The national lottery is currently not available in online platform. There are many international companies who provide a lottery platform to play online for the Mozambique players. There are no Mozambique based online casinos or lotteries right now.