Gambling in Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago country. The 115 island country whose capital is Victoria. Seychelles has the smallest population of any independent African state, with a population of roughly 93,000.

It is a smallest independent country in the world with their own currency. Unfortunately country owes huge amount of debts, this had an impact on regulating online gambling and collecting taxes for the interest of country’s economic development in 2003.

However, the Gambling Act was revised in the year 2014, due to insufficient and incomplete details provided to pass such bill in 2003. The most recent gambling act is Seychelles Gambling Act of 2014. This act provides three main types of licenses.

-      Casino license
-      Slot machine license
-      Interactive gaming license

Online gambling is legal, but unregulated and operators are eligible for a license once the government initiates to proceed out the licenses. Apparently there do not seem to be any online gambling sites operating under a Seychelles license.

Under the current Seychelles Gambling Act of 2014, there appears to be a norm where players would be penalized on placing bets with unlicensed gambling platform. However major foreign online gambling companies accepts player from the country. There is no case reported against any player to place bets online on unlicensed platforms.

Lottery is legal in the country. The company called Inter-Lotto has monopoly to conduct lottery games. It does not appear to operate online. Online sports betting is also legal and licensed but is not among fan favourites.

Casino gambling is also legal and regulated in the country. There are five casinos operating currently. Most of them are based in the capital of the country.