Lotteries in Tanzania

The East African Nation Tanzania has a progressive appetite for lottery and gambling. It was among the leading nations in Africa to license and regulate the gambling in the 90s.

Despite a short gambling history, in Tanzania you can find multiple casinos. With the population of over 50 million, the most popular and favored form of gambling being lottery.

The Internet penetration rate is not much in the country. It was registered as 15% back in 2014. Online gambling has a firm hold in the market, thanks to the government’s liberal policy. Tanzania is among few countries in Africa where online gambling is legal and regulated.

The lottery industry does not exist just for an entertainment purpose but also contributes significantly to the economy of Tanzania. The Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT) Director General, Abbas Tarimba said – over 1.5 trillion Tanzanian shillings ($686 million) is generated into country’s economy annually via gaming activities.

"The national lottery will bring about more activities in gambling including the creation of new jobs," He added, "We are looking to see the economy becoming more vibrant partly because of the gaming activities and in particular the contribution of the national lottery."

The gaming industry contributed 3% to country’s GDP by 2015. It is expected that Tanzania would become the second leading country in the continent in terms of gambling industry after South Africa.

Before rolling out national lottery Abbas mentioned "Four types of gaming will be in operation with lotto leading in activity, plus three more whose ticket prices will be ranging from 500/- to 250/- and 150/- (TZS) but with high prizes to winners,"

Tanzania has recently rolled out its national lottery on 22 May 2016. It looks Gaming Board of Tanzania has taken some serious initiatives and made strategic plans to take lottery to another level in Africa. We have to be patient and later analyze how well its done by the end of the next year.